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The Nilgiri Tahr – Reusable Cotton Produce Bags Medium, Set of 5 (5Large [12×10]Inches)

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Plastic litter is huge toxic problem on land and in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Be proud to carry our Reusable Produce Bags that can be used to refrigerate or store fruits, vegetables. These muslin breathable bags helps keep your veggies and fruits fresh for days. These bags can also be used to store toys, toiletries , jewellery, present bags. Every week each family brings on an average 10-12 plastic bags home. As these bags are very compact, please carry these with you while going grocery shopping to avoid taking your fruits and veggies in small plastic pouches to put it on weighing scale at the store. Also this saves your segregation time after reaching home as fruits and veggies are already segregated. Taking our bags with you during grocery shopping saves this earth from lots of plastic bags. These bags can be of great pouches too.These bags are made by women who has lost their self respect and looking for a light in their life. Light up a woman’s life by having these bags. These bags are named after the endangered species in India. Save them.
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