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2/225 Sedimuthur, Mannur P.O, Pollachi, 642005 Coimbatore TN, India

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Women Empowerment

NGG proudly champions women’s empowerment in Coimbatore district by offering employment opportunities to those in surrounding villages. Since joining our project, these women have experienced a transformative journey, finding newfound confidence and empowerment within their communities. Our initiative has become their lifeline, providing not just employment but also a sense of purpose and independence.

We are honored to witness the positive impact on their lives as they stand tall, advocating for themselves and their families. This project has been instrumental in uplifting their standard of living, enabling them to meet household expenses and support their children’s education. Through sustainable employment, we’ve not only changed lives but also fostered a brighter future for these women and their families. At NGG, we recognize the profound importance of empowering women and are committed to continuing our efforts in creating meaningful change within our communities.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to our planet’s health, infiltrating every corner of our ecosystems. From the depths of the oceans to the highest peaks, plastic waste is omnipresent. Discarded plastic items not only mar the beauty of our landscapes but also endanger wildlife, as animals mistake them for food or become entangled in them.

The longevity of plastic compounds exacerbates the problem, with some taking hundreds of years to degrade. Microplastics, tiny fragments of plastic, further permeate our environment, entering our food chain and even our bodies. Despite increasing awareness, the production and disposal of plastic continue unabated, exacerbating the crisis. Urgent action is needed, including widespread adoption of biodegradable alternatives and stringent regulations on plastic usage and waste management. Collaborative efforts from governments, industries, and individuals are crucial to combat this pervasive threat and safeguard the future of our planet.

CSR Activities

Together, let’s spark transformation in our village by renovating the school, a cornerstone of our community. With each brick laid and every brushstroke of paint, we’ll create a brighter future for our children. By investing in education, we sow the seeds of progress and empower the next generation. Join us in this noble endeavor, as we build not just walls, but bridges to opportunity and knowledge. Let’s unite our resources and efforts to ensure every child has access to a safe and inspiring learning environment. Together, we can turn dreams into reality and enrich the fabric of our village life.

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