Go Green. Save Earth. Say No to Plastic.

Plastic litter is a huge toxic problem on land and in our rivers, lakes and oceans. It’s time to stop using plastic bags after knowing the facts on how it is spoiling our mother earth. Start using reusable cotton bags. Keep your home plastic free. Save Earth from plastic pollution.

Keeping this planet green is the best gift you can give to our kids. Noyyal Go Green is doing its part to save the mother earth by introducing eco-friendly products. Our Motto is "Being green is easy".

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We make high quality bags to your needs. Like Garment Bags, Grocery Bags and Custom Bags.

We also make Herbal Natural Hair Oil with high quality ingredients.


Eco Friendly

All of our bags are made of 100% cotton and so its eco-friendly and bio degradable. All of our bags are of good quality cotton and so can be reused many times. Our stitching quality makes the bag very sturdy. Our bags are designed to be very easy to fold, store and use.


Printing on Bags

We print logos and images on the bags and We adhere strict quality practices in stitching. We quality check every bag before packing and delivery to customer.


Women Empowerment

We give employment to women in and around villages in Coimbatore district. Women who are looking for an opportunity to empower themselves in and around our village are involved in this project. The life of these women has changed from the day they joined us in this project. This has become their lifeline now. They are more confident and standing up for themselves in their community. NGG feels proud for getting this opportunity to employ these women and bringing a change in their life. This project has given them better life, their children's education, household expenses are taken care by this income.