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Rhinoceros – Reusable Cotton Silk Saree Covers, Set of 5 (5 Bags [17×17 inches])

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Silk sarees are expensive and worn less often. So it is required to maintain it to increase its lifetime. It could be the gift you got from someone special and you would want to pass it on to your next generation as a treasure. Pure Silk sarees tend to become dull over time. It is important to keep them wrapped in cotton to prevent the sari from reacting with air and getting oxidised. These cotton covers can help you maintain the beauty and lustre of your silk sari for decades to come. Keep your silk sarees in these beautiful muslin cover to extend its lifetime. It also helps in keeping your sarees organized and looks neat in your cupboard. These bags comes with coconut shell buttons. It is completely eco-friendly. These bags are named after the endangered species in India. Save them.
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Dimensions 17 × 17 in


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