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Ayurvedic Natural Herbal Hair Oil 200ml

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Natural : Our Village is filled with all natural herbs and hence we get everything fresh to make the oil. 100% Natural ingredients from our village. No chemicals, artificial colors or scents. Reduces hair breakage and keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Reduces dandruff and boosts hair growth. 

100% NATURAL : Made with natural ingredients from our village.
HERBS : Made with 20 and more fresh herbs.
HEALTHY, STRONG AND SHINY: Keeps hair healthy, strong and shiny.
HAIR & SCALP MASSAGE: Excellent for scalp massage enabling hair growth, relief from cold, sinus, headache & stress. Vetiver and Tulsi help in physical and mental stress release.
MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Made in small batches to keep the quality high.
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Coconut Oil  –  Pure Chekku or Ghani oil ( Coconut grown in our chemical free farm)

Bhringraj  / False Daily – Promotes hair growth, Prevents hair fall and baldness, Treats dandruff and dry scalp, Slows down hair greying and Treats scalp infection.

Dried Amla – Strengthens Hair

Curry Leaves – Anti-fungal in nature, Reduces itchiness and dandruff.

Neem Leaves – Promotes hair growth

Henna Leaves – Relieves scalp and hair dryness

Tulsi Leaves – Stimulates blood circulation and hair growth

Hibiscus Flower – Stops hair loss

Khas Grass – Contains anti-microbial properties that improves blood circulation in the hair follicles

White Chaste Tree Leaves – Nochi or Nirugundi – Relieves from headache and Sinus issues.

Black Pepper – Contains Antioxidants that could help stimulate blood circulation of the scalp.

Small Onion & Fenugreek – Works against hair fall.

Lemon – Strengthens hair follicles and encourages hair growth

Aloe Vera – Strengthens hair and protection from UV damage

Moringa Leaves – Promotes hair growth

Baloon Vine – Promotes Scalp Health

Neelini  – Keeps hair with natural color

Mulethi – Promotes blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes the roots by supplying vital nutrients to the hair follicles

Rosemary – Stimulates hair growth and prevents premature greying and dandruff

How to use: 

Heat the oil for about 30 seconds until the oil gets warm. Then apply the oil on your scalp and massage gently in circular motions for 15 minutes. Post that, leave the oil for 30 minutes more. Lastly, wash with a mild shampoo and let your hair air-dry. Repeat thrice a week.




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