About Us

Noyyal Go Green project is a small step towards saving this earth from plastic pollution and empowering village women.

On an average, one family uses more than 1500 plastic bags a year. Each family going for grocery shopping every week brings back many number of plastic bags home. Earth is already polluted enough that recovery is way too expensive. Educating even few families makes a big change in reducing the number of plastic bags going in the mother earth. NGG is doing its part to save this earth from plastic pollution by manufacturing reusable cotton bags.

Women involved in this project are from core villages of Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, India and today they have learnt to stand on their own feet beating all odds to stop them from being empowered. NGG has powered these women enough to take care of their household expenses, children’s education etc. They have stopped borrowing money for exorbitant interest rates. They are now being respected by men in and out of their families. All these women has reached this level beating many challenges kept in front of them socially. Their social status has increased tremendously and all of them look more confident and self assured. Started with one woman , NGG now powers more than 30 women and families.