How we Started?

My journey started at volunteering in Siruthuli, an NGO based in Coimbatore, India which works to rejuvenate the water sources in the city of Coimbatore.

While volunteering I learnt how the water resources are affected by plastics that are dumped in it. Since then I started to use my own bags for shopping and completely stopped bringing in any kind of plastic bags inside our home.

At the same time I saw these women struggling to meet their daily needs, struggling to go to work with kids and family around.

While educating my friends and families to use reusable cloth bags, I involved these women who know basic stitching, trained them and started stitching bags for friends and families. After seeing the response, I wanted to extend this to rest of the world. Changing few people in itself makes a big difference in number of plastic bags that are thrown in the dump yards everyday.


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